Johnson’s ‘Get out of Jail Free Card’ is about Absolute Power

Think Left

Johnson’s “Get out of Jail Free Card’ is about obtaining absolute power.

Now I am very concerned about Boris Johnson. Following the decision of the High court in September regarding the prorogation of parliament, the behaviour of the Prime Minister was shocking. There was an awareness unprecedented in modern times, of the fragility of our unwritten constitution, and a feeling that democracy was at risk in Johnson’s hands. This man, who presents as a bumbling fool is dangerous. He cannot be trusted by anyone. There is a consensus that lies have been told, often repeated  lies which have already been exposed and discredited  such as the non-existent 40 hospitals.

At the launch of the Conservative party manifesto in Telford, Johnson claimed that the A& E of the local Princess Royal Hospital would remain open, only to be contradicted moments later, by the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock. Pete Gillard, a 70-year-old…

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