The BBC’s problems are no conspiracy theory…

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The BBC’s latest response to their challenges over their election coverage, in a piece in the Guardian by Fran Unsworth, their director of news and current affairs, has a very welcome headline:

“At the BBC, impartiality is precious. We will protect it”

Fran, and the BBC, are right that their impartiality is precious – as well as being required by law – but by dismissing those who are challenging them as conspiracy theorists they are doing the opposite of protecting it. They’re helping to ensure its demise.

Not a conspiracy theory

The first and most important thing to say is that very few people – and no-one serious – is suggesting there is any kind of conspiracy going on here. To suggest that they are is a classic straw man argument. Conspiracy theories are easily dismissed, and often make little sense when analysed. Of course it’s impossible to get a…

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