Swindon Couple turn from voting Tory to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour

Think Left


My wife and I voted for the Conservatives in the past. You could call us ‘floating voters’ as we never had any strong affiliation towards any party. We voted for David Cameron and the Lib Dem-Conservative coalition did not bother us.

We felt austerity was working and more people were at work, the media portrayed the Conservatives as the saviours of the economy and we believed them.

We were not personally affected by austerity. We don’t have any children, rarely use the NHS and we were not expecting anything back for the tax we were paying.

We go about our daily lives and take very little interest in politics like any other person. Having lived in 3 other countries, I have never seen any politician who actually cares about people. Politics was a dirty word – the less you got involved the…

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