General election 2019: Humanity versus conservatism


This election is not a game. 

There have been nine and a half years of Tory destruction of society and public services.  

Tories see everything in anyone’s life as an opportunity to enable the enrichment of the wealthiest and most despicable parasites.  People need healthcare, education and, often, some welfare assistance.  People with disabilities need more assistance than others.  Elderly people need more assistance than others.  Tories see the need, they see how vital some public services are and they interpret what they see as a bottomless trough to feed exploiters via privatisation.

For Tories, a disabled person, a chronically or terminally ill person, an injured person, an elderly person in need of care, a child in need of education or a homeless person is just a potential windfall for the elite few inhumane beneficiaries of a corrupt system.  

Via distribution of taxes or costs for individual users, privatisation parasites…

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