BBC’s Kuenssberg’s statement on Tory plans for NHS


A document of discussions between UK and US governments for a post-Brexit trade deal was published by the Labour party today (November 27th).  It showed clear willingness by the Tories to acquiesce to demands of predatory US businesses eyeing UK public services particularly the NHS.

Unsurprisingly, as a response to the documents’s contents, most of the media adopted a derisory perspective as a facet of damage limitation for the Tories.  BBC’s veteran reporter Laura Kuenssberg’s analysis typified the majority media tack.

Looks like Labour’s secret documents were actually uploaded online at the end of October.  Which noone, including journalists (hands up) seemed to notice.  There is a lot of interesting stuff in the documents which are mainly not about the health service.  Documents show there has been a lot of work going on between US and UK officials about potential trade deal after Brexit and show how much the…

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