Who cares what’s in the LibDems’ Manifesto? It is guaranteed to be meaningless

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by Martin Odoni

At some point in the next couple of weeks, all the national political parties in the UK will launch their Manifestos for the 2019 General Election. “Mass publication of end-of-year fiction,” the cynics will sneer. We often find that to be the case, it is true. Not always.

But one Manifesto that is guaranteed to be a completely-non-binding fantasy – it is physically impossible for it not to be – will be the Manifesto of the Liberal Democrats. It is an absolute mathematical certainty that whatever they promise in their Manifesto will bear no causal relationship with what they do in the somewhat unlikely event that they get into Government.

This is not just a reflection of their broken promises while in coalition from 2010-2015. Their GE2010 Manifesto was arguably more progressive than Labour’s, but once in office, they enabled a very harsh, regressive Conservative program of…

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