FLOODING Government Failures. Climate, Care, and Coping Strategies

Think Left

Government is Failing To Address Climate Crisis

We cannot hide away from our responsibilities to address the man-made climate emergency, how we will cope with extreme weather causing fire, hurricanes, and flood, and also how we will prevent further damage to planet from our activities.

The first responsibility of governments is to ensure its citizens are safe, housed and fed. The Conservative government are failing on all three counts. They are failing to adequately fund public services, and making cuts to our emergency services with 15% cuts made to the Fire Service this year, when already at critically levels.

Even if the government had spent the last three years discussing how it would meet its targets on reducing carbon emissions rather than whether or not we remain in the European union, we would still be facing a monumental crisis. But to have not prioritised addressing this emergency, by funding, action…

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