Rees Mogg and Grenfell: Callous or detached indifference?

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Jacob Rees Mogg has been let loose on our airwaves for the first time in the General Election campaign. His first outing was to give an interview on LBC in which he was asked about the Grenfell fire. The results were exactly as you would expect.

Talking about how the dozens of human beings who, terrified and desperate, followed instructions to ‘stay put’ while the fire ripped through their building, Mogg seemed to suggest that they ‘lacked common sense’ for not disregarding the advice and fleeing.

The MP has of course since apologised for his comments, saying they had been misunderstood. Instead, what he had meant to say was that, ‘with hindsight,’ those people should have fled instead of waiting to be rescued. Well, the obvious point to make here is that the victims of Grenfell didn’t have hindsight. They were locked in the midst of an unfolding tragedy that…

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