It’s time we found our compassion again.

Think Left

What upsets me is how things have changed in my lifetime, so much for the worse.

When people are in need, in a civilised, compassionate society, we shouldn’t be turning to charity, or crowd funding.

We used to have a social security , and cradle to grave NHS there to care for us, whenever we need it, whenever the worst happens.

Labour gave us that, but the Tories have removed the social security safety net and replaced with Universal Credit, which is so difficult to administer and deliberately sets impossible, unrealistic and cruel tests so that people are left without money for food, and many have taken their own lives. The NHS is being broken up , to be sold and be replaced by insurance companies.

In government, Labour will scrap Universal Credit, and replace it with a social security safety net, so we know, should the worst happen, we…

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