A question of character

Wee Ginger Dug

The news today is that the Scottish Tories are hoping that they can use their influence on the Westminster party to delay a General Election until after March next year. The reason that they want to delay is so that the vote is held after the Alex Salmond trial, which is expected to begin early in the New Year. The Scottish Tories hope that they can minimise their losses if they are faced with an SNP which is dealing with the fallout from the trial of their former leader. As opposed to the Scottish Conservatives, who are dealing with the trials of their current leader.

It’s a breath-takingly cynical approach to politics, but exactly the kind of thing we’d expect from the Scottish Conservatives, for whom prinicples are a distant concept somewhere out beyond the furthest fringes of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s ego. Which at best places it in…

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