Millennials, unaffected by MSM indoctrination, vote Corbyn most popular leader – now!


Silence prevails about the continuing support for Jeremy Corbyn as a political leader given by millennials or Generation Y (born after 1997) in the 2019YouGov Ratings data(snapshot, right). 

Instead mainstream media (MSM) are giving the widest possible coverage to dissident MPs at the party conference and the very low ratings for Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership in recent YouGov polls –

MSM’s anti-Corbyn bias has been well documented by a few gifted journalists, such as Peter Oborne and the Media Lens Davids.

Their charges and the 50,000 earlier complaints of anti-Corbyn bias in BBC programmes are validated by a 2017 Lancaster University study which concluded that ‘some BBC coverage does demonstrate bias and partiality against Corbyn in subtle modes where tone alters the meaning of the script and visuals’ and the BBC Trust’s findings against their political editor Laura Kuenssberg whose reporting broke their accuracy and impartiality rule.


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