Claimant Sexually Assaulted During PIP Assessment

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I was sexually assaulted last spring by a female nurse at my PIP assessment. She didn’t believe I was bladder and bowel incontinent, and said she needed to examine me. Not knowing this was wrong, or what she was about to do to me, I lay on the couch as asked.
She thrust her hand between my legs and placed it on my genital area, asking me to squeeze. I did as she asked, then she removed her hand, saying “there’s nothing wrong with you”
I felt defiled and abused. I went home in tears, and was later alerted to the fact by my disability advisor, that I could have urinated on the nurses hand, and had to go home soaked in urine. There were no handwashing facilities in the room, so the nurse would have had to leave me unattended whilst she went to the bathroom…

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