A new warm film on Socialism’s big event – The Durham Miners Gala

Westminster Confidential

There are no deep coal mines in the UK. There are no coal
miners. There are no brass bands attached to a living colliery and there no new
union banners for new pits. And soon, under new environmental rules, the sale
of domestic coal, except for smokeless fuel, may be banned.

So one would think that an event called the Durham Miners
Gala would be consigned to our nostalgic past with a few old men having a pint
down the local working men’s club.

But the facts contradict this. A new film released on Friday The Big Meeting by director and producer Daniel Draper two years after the last pit closed in the UK in 2016, shows the very opposite with a thriving modern festival in the City of Durham attracting over 200,000 people. It is a tribute to the almost eternal traditions of community, solidarity and fraternity that lives…

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