DPAC: Taxpayers Against Poverty: General Election Manifestos Must Address Homelessness and Hunger, and the Powerlessness of Homeless Families . . .

The Night Owl


The 2012and 2016 Welfare Reform Acts were seen through Parliament by
government ministers who sought to force the unemployed into work by
imposing inadequate incomes and punitive laws designed to treat them as
if they are at work.

Examples are:

  • a monthly rather than a weekly income;
  • housing benefit paid to the unemployed from which they pay the rent to the landlord as if it were from a monthly pay cheque; and
  • strict rules about keeping appointments at the job centre.

The purpose was to “change the culture” of unemployment, on the
mistaken assumption that the unemployed lived an easy life on benefits
so were unlikelyto look for work, hence the cruel benefit sanction on
those who “broke the rules”.

Lord Freud on the Welfare Reform Bill 2016.Hansard Column1427, 19 October 2016:

Every year I stand here…

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