Benefit Rules Forced 500 Women To Reveal They Were Raped

Govt Newspeak

The so-called ‘rape clause’ exempts women from the DWP’s controversial two-child benefits cap.

Five-hundred and ten women have been forced to sign the controversial “rape clause” in order to be exempted from the two-child benefits cap, new figures reveal.

Two years ago ministers controversially capped at two the number of children parents could claim benefits for. The government argued that benefits claimants “should face the same financial choices about having children” as working families.

Women who had given birth as a result of rape were exempted – but they had to reveal their assault in order to avoid the cap. The so-called rape clause was branded “traumatic” and “immoral” by campaigners.

SNP MP Alison Thewliss – who has campaigned for the end of the benefits cap – said the data “paints a bleak picture” of families suffering as a result of the policy. “All of these women have been put in a position…

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