Ignorance, deference or collusion? Kuenssberg spoke to Hunt


KuenssbergHunt.pngOn June 25th, as part of the tedious Tory leadership contest, BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg interviewed one of the final two candidates Jeremy Hunt.  Her questions were structured to enable Hunt to spout his prepared soundbites full of lies and misdirection.  Some of the questions appeared to be challenging but Hunt was allowed to respond with evasion, distraction and irrelevant tangents without any interruptions or queries of veracity.  The questions could have been sent by e-mail or text.  It was a very weak performance from Kuenssberg.

Jeremy Hunt is Foreign Secretary but Kuenssberg’s only mention of his job was a reference to a comment he made about the EU.  There were no questions about Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine or Venezuela, and not a word about Hunt’s acquiescence with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s campaign for war against Iran.

There were a few questions on his previous role as Health…

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