1828 (Lobby group)


Secretly funded right-wing political lobby group Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) invented another subset of itself called 1828

1828 is another platform for anti-society anti-human pro-exploitation reckless philosophy of extreme free-marketeers.  Another platform means another opportunity to grab airtime from complicit broadcasters who willingly pretend they are giving a voice to a different perspective when it’s the same gang of charlatans from the likes of IEA, Tax-Payers’ Alliance (TPA), Adam Smith Institute (ASI), etc.

The articles published by 1828 are typical and predictable.  Misdirection, distraction, confidence tricks, illusion and delusion are their building blocks and snide and sneers are the glue.

In Liberating Policy Agenda “policy analyst” at TPA Ben Ramanauskas claimed the “housing crisis” was not the consequence of no social housing being built or property developers dodging the law on affordable housing or exploitative landlords taking advantage of insufficient laws to protect tenants.

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