Theresa May: Political obituary


The day after another electoral embarrassment for the Tories in the Peterborough by-election Theresa May scurried away from her job as party leader.  Her grey ghost lingers as prime minister while the Tories try to find a new leader who isn’t hated by everybody.

Brexit terminated May’s tenure by exposing brutally her stupidity and ignorance.  Theresa May is a very stupid person.  She lacks knowledge, vision and analytical acumen and she has no intellectual capacity for deductive reasoning.  Throughout her political career she protected her dimness by avoidance of scrutiny and evasion of debate.  Her cowardice when faced with questions from opposition MPs and from media was both a tactic and her only option.

The consequences of stupidity – lack of self-awareness, no shame and a sociopathic personality – make it an asset for a conservative (small ‘c’) politician; the task of enabling a political ideology and associated strategy…

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