What we learned when we worked a shift at a foodbank

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Starvation, desperation and unending kindness: What we learned when we worked a shift at a foodbank. Over the past six years the foodbank has helped feed 25,571 people, of which 9,389 were children.

DzJQJKoXgAk09sI“Some of them are starving.”

It’s a sentence I never thought I would hear about people who live in my own community. When I did, it brought tears to my eyes. Lots of us have been in a position where, come the end of week there isn’t much left in the fridge and you need to do a shop.

But imagine having nothing left and no means to buy anything to put in it. It is a stark reality for some people – more than you care to imagine.

Ever since I watched our very own Ken Loach’s I Daniel Blake, I have been haunted by the scene in the foodbank where a mum is so desperately hungry that she…

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