How Legal Aid Cuts are Causing Systematic Poverty

Govt Newspeak

Call me dumb, but, I never really saw the connect between denial of Legal Aid and the decimation of the welfare state, even though I was denied any kind of legal help when my husband was [first] found “fit” for work. I had to learn [and quickly] how to appeal and what to do when denied benefits. I was a lay person back in 2013, now I have learnt a lot and been able to help others with their DWP appeals.
How true Prof. Alston’s words are:
“the glue that has held British society…has been “deliberately removed and replaced with a harsh and uncaring ethos”.
Only this week: hypocritical leaders have been “celebrating” 75 years since D Day, even though they couldn’t give a toss about the rights of the ordinary people that they sent out to fight the war[s]. I think this cartoon says more than I ever…

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