Orwellian: Labour Suspend “antisemitic” Peter Willsman For Telling the Truth About Israel

The Most Revolutionary Act

Michael East, Red Revolution

Britian’s pro-Palestine and anti-socialist Labour purge has claimed yet another victim after National Executive Council member and Corbyn ally Peter Willsman was suspended frim the party for highlighting the fact that the “antisemitism” conspiracy theory is being pushed by far-right Israeli extremists and “indirectly” from the Israeli embassy.

The suspension was demanded by Tom Watson “over what he called an ‘antisemitic rant’”, a claim that once again attempts to portray criticism of the Israeli state and its actions as antisemitism.

The suspension comes days after Alastair Campbell was suspended from the party for voting for the Liberal Democrats and warnings were issued about a fresh threat from the neoliberal Blairite faction to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. Warnings were given that there would be a response from the faction, with the likes of Charles Clarke and other hasbeen Blairites openly defying the authority of Corbyn.

“We have…

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