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The poor side of life

Dear readers, the weather today was awful, drenching rain stopping and starting. Because of this we finished early but we did manage to help and advise lots of people.

Hopefully the weather will be better next week, maybe I need to save up to buy a really big umbrella or something. Who knows, but we will be returning next week.

Everyone that we spoke to were given a copy of our survival guide, signposted if needed and given a food parcel if needed.

No one leaves us without help and we’re really proud of this.

Today was quiet mainly because of the weather and it’s the school holidays. Decent advisors tend to work around school holidays, awful advisors don’t give a stuff. I’m sure that you’ve experienced this, I know that I have.

As I arrived there was a queue for the food parcels, sad but true. All these people…

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