DWP Pays Compensation For Misadvised UC Claims And Would “Welcome” More

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With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

The DWP have paid compensation to five claimants who have complained that they were wrongly advised by the department to claim universal credit (UC) and lost out as a result. The DWP say that they would welcome complaints from others who have been affected.

Universal Credit Director General Neil Couling told MPs in the Work and Pensions Committee this month that they have looked at 26 cases since April 2018 which may have involved claimants being wrongly advised by the DWP. In five of these cases they have paid compensation.

“For example, a claimant wanted to claim effectively contributory employment support allowance. They were wrongly advised to claim Universal Credit because the person on the end said, “There is no employment support allowance anymore.” There is contributory employment support allowance, so it was a mistake. The claimant claimed UC and lost their tax…

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