12 reasons why Labour should oppose Brexit

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Labour MP Jess Phillips says she wants to stop Brexit, despite the fact that the majority of people in her constituency probably voted Leave.

Everything is Remain Minus. Every deal shrinks the economy in some way.

If I lose my seat because I chose to do what I felt was the right thing for the people where I live and they don’t like that, I’ll live with that.

I wonder, though, whether she would lose her seat. Opinion is changing fast in Labour areas and among Labour voters. Two years on, a better-informed electorate is beginning to see the potential damage Brexit will cause.

Many on the left of the party are concerned too. At a Love Socialism, Hate Brexit event in the House of Commons, frontbencher Clive Lewis warned that Labour would be destroyed if it allowed a Tory Brexit.

Is there any other sort of Brexit, though?…

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