Damien Green: Not Fixing The Care Crisis


Today, disgraced former Tory minister Damien Green published Fixing The Care Crisis for extreme free-marketeer libertarian public service-hating Centre for Policy Studies (CPS). 

DamienGreenDamien Green MP

Tory policy for (the lack of) funding for social care has killed people in need of care and has caused financial difficulties for professional carers.

Green said a care system should be based on the ability to pay which he phrased as “wanting” a better service.  

The state would provide a Universal Care Entitlement (UCE), which could then be topped up by private support for those who want it via a Care Supplement.”

To fund UCE, Green proposed making the poorest pay for it by “taxing the winter fuel allowance” and enforcing “a 1% National Insurance surcharge on those over 50.”  

His two-tier afford-or-die plan included the ability “to purchase a Care Supplement (CS) – something similar to an annuity…

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