FREER is a subsidiary of Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA).

FREER is a platform for Tory MPs to display their commitment to an ideology that serves a tiny elite at the expense of the vast majority.  The MPs pocket contributors’ fees that are not classified as political donations.

FREER and its secret donors use the MPs to promote ideology and tactics that serve the donors’ objectives and to develop close relationships with the MPs to ensure friendly policy decisions are made in parliament.

Cliff-fall no-deal Brexit
IEA is owned by disaster capitalists and opportunist capitalists who are salivating at the prospect of an abrupt no-deal Brexit. 

Via no-deal Brexit the Tories intend to accelerate the giveaway of what remains of Britain’s public service infrastructure including the rest of the NHS and to have a bonfire of workers’ rights, health and safety regulations, food quality standards and access to justice.  According…

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