#UniversalCredit: New DWP helpline “deflection” tactics to stop appeals from claimants – @BayardTarpley

Frank Zola

The National Association of Welfare Rights Advisers has provided evidence to the ‘Welfare safety net inquiry‘, that the DWP ‘helpline’ are deliberately using “deflection” to stop EEA nationals making appeals* against Universal Credit decisions to refuse or close claims.

EEA nationals have to undertake an Habitual Residence Test (HRT) to decide if they are eligible” and the DWP has no system in place to use data from legacy benefits** to fast track eligibility. HRT decisions can take 4-8 weeks and claimants cannot claim payments or advance loans “whilst their entitlement is in doubt” and the DWP  are also stopping legacy benefit entitlement before undertaking a HRT. The DWP also use a “culture of disbelief” expecting claimants to “to prove everything with documentary evidence” to deny and frustrate claims for Universal Credit.

“Because of the excessive delay, with inability to access any other funds, NAWRA members…

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