Tories plan to strip holiday pay, workers’ rights, employer pension contributions after Brexit

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Why is Theresa May’s former-Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab and other top Tories – so hell-bent on a hard Brexit?

In 2011, Raab said in a policy paper for the rabidly right-wing think-tank the Centre for Policy Studies that holiday pay, the minimum wage, maternity leave and pension contributions for British workers are all ‘strait jackets’ for British businesses and should all be scrapped.

All of which are currently guaranteed under EU regulations.



Here’s a copy of Raab’s shocking policy paper if anyone wants to read it:

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1 thought on “Tories plan to strip holiday pay, workers’ rights, employer pension contributions after Brexit

  1. Fight back!

    The British Government must make the creation, management, maintenance and promotion of all forms of tax havens in Britain and all dependent British territories, a criminal offence. To make it a criminal offence for any person living in Britain or a dependent territory from aiding, promoting or supporting any of the above. To cease to allow any British dependent territory to allow the registration of companies that afford any facilities for the handling of money or other assets that may be construed as avoiding taxes or money laundering. To make it a criminal offence for any British citizen or any alien who may be working in any capacity where British income tax may be liable or from living as a resident in Britain or dependent territory, from attempting to or actually keeping any assets in a bank account anywhere in the world for the purpose of avoiding British income tax or hiding any assets acquired from any criminal activity, money laundering or such like.

    Penalties for any such offences shall be in the form of imprisonment, not fines, and be from 6 months to life. Of course, there are already some laws that cover some of the above but in these days of globalization and far more sophisticated means of communication, they are now totally inadequate.

    Tax experts assure us that politicians, management of most businesses, large and small, are all involved in one form of tax avoidance or another. Even my local MP’s name was revealed in the Panama Papers disclosures dating from the time that she was employed by J.P.Morgan. It is inevitably the poor who have to foot the shortfall created by this form of theft. It is theft of the worst kind.

    We have been shown that, on the 1st of April of this year, should Britain withdraw from the EU, we shall be exempt from the new EU regulations that will come into force on that date. It will be the end of Britain, its reputation and everything that generations have achieved in creating a fair and democratic life for themselves and their descendants.

    I just can’t believe that our achievements are about to be completely eliminated as the result of the machinations of these evil people.


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