Sanctioned for six months, DWP incompetence , vulnerable person owing £1000 rent. Universal credit hell.

The poor side of life

Dear readers, I suspect that many of you watched the film I, Daniel Blake on tv last week,

Members of the Tory party of course denied that the film is actually a reality for many, indeed the reality is often much worse.

Sadly no one was prompted by the film to come and join us today, and although I understand why many can’t for various reasons, you’d have thought that it might have prompted someone.

Many thanks to everyone reading my blog for your support and also for working hard online to get the word out. This is also very important.

Because of all the publicity surrounding Brexit at the moment issues such as universal credit etc have been forgotten. Please remember that people are still suffering, even more so than they were before.

Universal credit is still being rolled out in areas that didn’t already have it, such as…

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