REVEALED: The official soft Brexit, hard sell May broadcast in full

The Brexit truth at last!
Thank you John, I’m unsure whether or not i should take this as satire at first and have myself a good chuckle at your humour but after reading about half way down you actually realise that your bullet points are spot on, and with that being so, it leaves me shuddering at the thoughts of Mays (non)deal being passed.

The Slog

metalk In a pan-Galactic once-in-a-generation exclusive scoop you read here first live as it happens in person, The Slog’s global mole network now brings you unrivalled details of Theresa May’s full-frontal campaign to persuade the Best of British thinkers about what’s Best for Britain that she and she alone has the coordinates for reentry into the European Union by leaving the European Union not just in name, but also in name only. 


This coming weekend, in every commercial break during the nation’s favourite show, I’m a Strictly Dancing bush-tucker Hasbeen, get me into This, the entire break will feature a message from Whitehall Brexit supremo Mr Olly Wheeliebins.

The prerecorded speech runs as follows:

“Good evening. The Prime Minister Theresa Pay cannot be with us this evening, as she had a subsequent engagement with Monsignor Mario Dragula, the Goldman Sachs papal envoy in Frankfurt. But she has asked…

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