Depression and time out

Dont forget that you’ve mobilised so many bloggers and activists because of the hard work you’ve been doing these past 6 or 7 years.
Yours was one of the first blogs I’d read after becoming disabled myself and it’s certainly kept me going in this fight against this Tory government.
You’ve both educated and informed me, and others, and I sincerely from the bottom of my heart thank you for that.
Take time for yourself and family now Kitty, you’ve more than deserved this break.

With love and solidarity

Politics and Insights


With Alex Cunningham, Debbie Abrahams and my good friend Gail Ward at the Disability Equality Roadshow a couple of years ago. 

I don’t often talk about myself in my posts. I write about government policies, their socioeconomic consequences, their often devastating impacts on fellow citizens and critical, evidenced exploration of the ideological narratives that underpin them. In particular I write about welfare policies.  

I began campaigning and writing critically about the implications of the Coalition’s controversial Welfare Reform Bill in 2012, prior to it passing into law. It was clear that poor, unemployed and disabled citizens were being politically targeted with cuts of unprecedented intensity to their lifeline income. Social security was calculated originally to provide for essentials only. The cuts, strict conditionality, work fare and sanctions have left many citizens without enough money to cover basic survival needs such as food, fuel and shelter.

I messaged every single peer in…

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