Government plans to use your phone and online data to police your lifestyle and predict ‘threats’ to your health

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“Artificial Intelligence in healthcare is currently geared towards improving patient outcomes, aligning the interests of various stakeholders, and reducing healthcare costs.” CB Insights.


The Care.Data scandal

Back in 2014, public concerns rose because drug and insurance companies were able to buy information about patients – including mental health conditions and diseases such as cancer, as well as smoking and drinking habits – from a single English database of medical data that had been created.

Harvested from GP and hospital records, medical data covering the entire population was uploaded to the repository controlled by an arms-length NHS information centre. Never before had the entire medical history of the nation been digitised and stored in one place. Advocates said that sharing data will make medical advances easier and ultimately save lives because it will allow researchers to investigate drug side effects or the performance of hospital surgical units by tracking the impact of interventions…

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