“Solid Conservatism.” It’s just punishment for a crime we didn’t commit

Still worth a reblog for its content despite it being over a year old.
Thanks Jeff.

Ramblings of an Ordinary Man

Today the Tory Party published its manifesto. Theresa May described it as “solid Conservatism” and the BBC dutifully reported that she was now targeting “mainstream Britain,” whatever all that guff means.

Presumably the Prime Minister has now grown tired of parking tanks on various lawns and begging Labour voters to lend her their votes. Judging by the protests that greeted the launch, in Halifax, of ‘Forward Together,’ they’re not too keen anyway.

Solid Conservatism? What’s that all about?

I remember when I was a kid ear-wigging a conversation between my mum and a neighbour. They were discussing another woman and I recall my mother, her voice full of derision, saying “she votes conservative now you know.” Her friend looked shocked and then snorted, “You’re joking! What the hell has she got to conserve?” They both erupted with laughter.

I’ve no idea what year this was or who the object of…

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