“People knew exactly what they were voting for!” OK – I’ve devised a little test – let’s see if it’s true.

I asked my two daughters and my wife these questions and we had the best laugh ever!
Daughter #1 who is 22 thought EFTA was something to do with extraterrestrial’s 👽 lol and Daughter #2 who is 27 assumed EFTA was the organisation fighting against the fur trade!
I’m still laughing at daughter #1 though….

Pin Prick

“People knew exactly what they were voting for!”

Heard that lately? I am sure you have. If you didn’t catch Nigel Farage chipping in with it on GMB this week, then you will have heard Johnny Mercer MP say it, or Jacob Rees-Mogg or any number of MPs, MEPs, Brexit backers and twitter accounts repeat it. I’ve read it on Facebook, I’ve heard it on LBC and the BBC; I’ve seen it in letters to The Metro and been told it by Brexit backing family members and Brexit backing friends. And yet – two years on from the EU referendum currently the most Googled Brexit questions in Britain are: “what is Brexit” and “when is Brexit?”

When you consider that the governing party itself is currently in open civil war about what sort of Brexit we are going to have and what it will actually mean the idea that “people…

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