300+ #workfare exploiters in Greater Manchester, Named and Shamed

Frank Zola

The DWP has released the names of 300 plus employers that host no wage work for benefits only (workfare) placements in Greater Manchester (GM) and those that also exploit benefit claimants in GM and UK wide.

Extract of named and shamed list

| Royal Mail | Co- Op |Hyde Benefit Centre |Shopmobility |YMCA|Victoria Hotel | McDonald’s |B&Q | Adecco / Serco |Premier Inn |Manchester Dog Care Ltd | One MCR Housing Trust |
Full list: View onlinedownload (pdf) [1]

But Work Experience (workfare) is voluntary, so what’s the problem?

With the exception of mandatory Community Benefit [2] work placements in the Work Programme for JSA and ESA claimants, it is true to say the DWP does not mandate unpaid work, like it did for Mandatory Work Activity (MWA) and Community Work Placements (CWP). However, under Universal Credit the “Secretary of State can mandate the claimant to…

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