Israeli Security Forces Now Persecuting Jewish Opponents of Netanyahu’s Regime

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On Monday, Mike also put up a piece about a report from +972 Magazine that Israel’s internal security agency, Shin Bet, has taken to arresting and expelling left-wing Jewish opponents of Netanyahu’s dictatorial regime, including Jewish Americans. The extract Mike chose to put on his blog begins

American Jews have good reason to be afraid. Recent interrogations, harassment, and deportation of left-wing Jewish American activists over their political beliefs and activities have ushered in a new political moment in the relationship between Israel and diaspora Jewish communities.

The article then goes on to discuss the cases of Moriel Zecher-Rothman, Simone Zimmerman and Abby Kirschbaum. Zecherman-Rothman, an Israeli-American, was detained by the Shin Bet at the airport. They warned him against going down a ‘slippery slope’ of anti-occupation activism, and wanted him to snitch on fellow left-wing activists.

A week later, Shin Bet picked up Zimmerman and Kirschbaum, who had just…

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