Private Eye on New Labour’s Privatisation of NHS MRI Scanners

Deselect these bloody Blairite neoliberalist MP’s please.
Unless we do the Labour Party cannot return to their true socialist ways.

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This is another very interesting piece from an old copy of Private Eye. In this case, it’s the issue for 17th – 30th September 2004, and it’s about how Blair’s health secretary, Alan Milburn, wanted to deprive NHS hospitals of the necessary money for MRI scans, so that they’d have to call in private healthcare companies. The piece runs

It’s not just more time with his family that former health secretary Alan Milburn will be giving up in his new bespoke cabinet job. He will also forfeit the £30,000 a year he was earning as adviser to venture capital group, Bridgepoint.

Bridgepoint owns Alliance Medical, which last month (three months after it signed Milburn up) won a £95m, five year contract to provide 12 mobile MRI scanners to ease NHs waiting lists.

An easier and cheaper option for health minister John Hutton, who happens to be Milburn’s best buddy, might…

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