Andrew Marr is USELESS

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by Martin Odoni

Andrew Marr can be an utter pain to watch on TV sometimes, because he really is the softest interrogator imaginable, at least when interviewing Tory Ministers. He interviewed the Prime Minister on his imaginatively-titled programme, The Andrew Marr Show, this weekend, and predictably threw her nothing but puff-ball questions. These included a blatant feeder question about Theresa May’s diabetic condition, which she used unchallenged to court sympathy.

When attempting to decode a load of waffle about (in real terms, very slow and underwhelming) new funding for the National Health Service, he actually asked her permission to put questions to her about it. “I’d like to unpack all of that, if I may?” he requested, as though a Member of Parliament has a right to decide over what issues he or she may be held to account. May spouted an utterly grotesque lie about a ‘Brexit dividend’…

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