Unpaid work for the jobcentre, anyone?

God I really feel for this poor woman having to face these job centre hitlers in order to get a tenner a day in welfare!
This poor woman should be looking forward to her much earned retirement now and not being hounded on a weekly basis by these Tory Stormtroopers!
Thanks and kudos for looking out for her.

scottish unemployed workers' network

work experience cartoon_1

Once upon a time work experience was something school pupils did for a few days to give them a sense of what the future held in store for them. And basic training was provided by your job. Today, unemployment is portrayed as a personal failing rather than a function of the economy, and unpaid work experience is promoted as a way to help a person’s prospects of finding work. In theory, it is meant to compensate for lack of experience in paid employment, which makes it particularly difficult to justify when forced on someone with a lifetime of work behind them. What has developed is a new expectation that people must earn the right to get a job through unpaid labour. This is simply exploitation. It also undermines paid work – which makes it especially perverse that jobcentre workers should be pushing people to do unpaid work in their own…

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