My Universal Credit diary: “With six days to go, I have nothing left” Excerpt from NS

Black Isle Media

An excerpt from my article on the New Statesman website. Link to full article below.

I’m 30 years old, wheelchair-bound and have several complex health conditions, which means I sometimes require care. When I was on Employment and Support Allowance, I was in the “Support Group”. This meant I was classed as not fit for work.

Then I changed to Universal Credit, the new benefits system the government is rolling out. When you make the transition, regardless of any previous decisions, you are required to have a new Work Capability Assessment. This is one of the most stressful things someone with an illness must go through.

After my assessment, I was classed as “Limited Capability for Work or LCW”. In April 2017, the government removed the additional premium this included, so now I just receive the basic allowance. I am still expected to look for work, despite the advice…

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