Benefit life isn’t like you see on TV £10.50 for 2 weeks

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Contrary to popular belief, life on benefits is not expensive holidays and fancy tech. It’s grim. Especially since the Conservative governments flagship welfare reform that is: Universal Credit.

It’s Friday 4th of May, two weeks since I got my last £95.35 Universal Credit (UC) payment, 10 days since I last had any money and finally my next payment is here. This is how my life goes on a fortnightly basis since I was moved from Employment and Support Allowance, (ESA) to Universal Credit, (UC).

Now my next payment is here it’s time to watch most of it disappear on bills.

  • TV Licence £12.56
  • Broadband £15.99
  • Baby Milk £9.50
  • Electricity and Gas £31.80
  • Fuel £15.

That leaves me with a grand total of a whopping, £10.50 for the next two weeks.

To Clarify

Now before I go on, I better clear a few things up. Why is the amount…

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