UC Health Assessor reported me to DVLA & JCP Overruling Doctors

I’m fuming on your behalf my friend.
We, the sick and disabled, really must vocalise ourselves (as you do) and publicise the treatment we get from these unqualified assessors overruling fully trained medical professionals such as our Consultants, Emergency Doctors, GPs, Nurses, Physio’s,Mental Health Teams etc.
The DWP’s agents such as Maximus, Atos, Crapita etc give their WCA assessors 1 week’s classroom “training” before passing them off as fully qualified Health Care Professionals and this is wrong, legally,morally and ethically.
I know you’ll have along fight ahead of you and wish you all the very best of luck.
In Solidarity

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Welcome again.

If you saw my twitter timeline on Saturday afternoon you’ll know I had my driving licence revoked. And I didn’t take it well.

To lay a bit of background I’ll explain a few things.

I had a Work Capability Assesment in January of this year. I was found fit to work.

I also had my DVLA health check and was given another 10 year medical license in January with no restrictions.


So, I moved house on the 22nd of February and sent away my license to update the address, as is required. No problems there.

As I still hadn’t gotten it back, I decided on Saturday, 19th May, to give them a call, since they’re open until 2pm.

After navigating the automated menu, which is a mixture of vocal and keypad commands, I reached an advisor.

Upon taking my details she said that; there was no record…

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