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  1. That really is ironic , irony of all ironies ! – the parodox is that the DWP and a large proportion of it’s staff don’t really do irony – traditionally they’re viewed as a very literal minded organisation with a associated prevalent culture – a very limited , bordering on the childlike and naive ; way of thinking – they’ve never really been known for being a self aware organisation !

    Sir Ernest Ryder the most senior of all High Court Judges , stated most benefits cases are based on bad decisons where the quality of evidence is very poor .

    Too many cases and barely coherent statements , begging more questions than answers , falling on their own inherent contradictions .

    This has probably been worsened by dysfunctional ideologues of DWP ministers , interested amateurs – the worst of all amateurs , their absolutely swivel eyed ” Libetarian ” lobbying focus groups such as the Centre for ‘ Social Justice ‘ , Centre for Policy Studies , the religious right both here and in the States , various SpAds and Sir Humphries in Whitehall & at Caxton House , basically macro and micromanaging , very , very badly ! – in effect the political arm of the Tory party – hardly the neutral impartial Civil Service at all .

    Very much the Emperor’s new clothes ! – people ‘ have ‘ to be told what they want to hear . Fortress Management and Blue Sky Thinking .

    However playing devils advocate , again ! ; more questions are begged than answered in this case .

    Firstly what grade was he ? , AA Adminstrative Assistant , AO Admin Officer

    Temporary Contract , Fixed Term Contract , or Casual Contract ? , Permanent substantiated contract ?

    Under what terms did he leave the DWP in Preston ? – did he resign for a better job ?

    Did he go under a cloud , was there some controversy ? , were there petty vendettas to be settled by his ‘ management ‘ ? , instuitionalised spite ? from someone who hates his job , his sad life waiting for his pension ? , was he represented by the PCS union ? , or did the DWP think he was a ‘ soft touch ‘ and ‘ easily disposable ‘ by management ?

    More managerialism than management , a very , very regimented by numbers style – but as ;long as everyone was seemingly singing from the same hymn sheet eh !

    Was he pulled into the office , on performance , attendence / absence etc

    Was he threatened with bad references if he ‘ rocked the boat ‘ making waves if he challenged / appealed ?

    At one time , people that could be viewed as a ‘ problem ‘ were made to resign the official secrets act again and warned that things could be made difficult

    However he has certainly torpedoed the DWP by going to the media – let’s face it , it’d be very naive to think he was dealing with nice people that play by the Queensberry Rules – so congratulations in ” playing dirty “


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