S*n’s claims re ‘Corbyn’ t-shirt claims – and the reality


The S*n has published a story claiming workers producing ‘Corbyn’ t-shirts are being paid only 55p an hour for their labour – in fact, once you get beyond the headline, the t-shirts in question are made for Momentum, not for Jeremy Corbyn.

Of course, you should never assume anything in a S*n article is true, but predictably, right-wingers are using the claim as fact and trying to smear the Labour leader with it, even though he has nothing to do with where Momentum sources its t-shirts:

t-shirt smear.pngThe right, of course, is in chaos and desperate enough to use anything to smear Corbyn. But even though it’s nothing to do with him, it would be troubling were Momentum to be knowingly selling t-shirts produced by underpaid workers.

However, there’s no indication at all that Momentum had any idea. The t-shirt manufacturer, Rapanui, advertises its products as ethically sourced, so if the…

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