Audio: IDS admits May knew she “weakened anti-terror powers too much” #GE17


This morning the Establishment media has been desperately trying to exploit the weekend’s terrible events by reviving smears against Jeremy Corbyn.

But on Sunday former Tory Cabinet Minister Ian Duncan Smith [IDS] made an astonishing, but little remarked-upon, admission on national radio that put the responsibility for the UK’s vulnerability to terrorist atrocities firmly on the shoulders of the Prime Minister.

may ids.pngTheresa May and Ian Duncan Smith

Speaking to Radio 4’s The World This Weekend programme, he raised – unprompted – the topic of TPIMs.

‘TPIM’ refers to the Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Act 2011 – legislation brought in by the coalition government to replace Labour’s ‘control orders’. Control orders allowed a Home Secretary to order a restriction of the liberty of a terror suspect in order to “protect members of the public from a risk of terrorism”.

And IDS’s remarkable admission was this: he and Theresa…

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