Nobody is Above the Law ~ Even the UK Prime Minister

Wirral In It Together

questioner to Theresa May during Question Time Leaders Debate3rd June 2017

During the Question Time Leaders’ Debate, broadcast live on BBC One last night from the City of York, we are alleging that Prime Minister Theresa May committed a criminal offence in the form of a false statement, with regard to the conduct of an opponent, provided in response to the above question, which she knew to be false and which breached the terms of the Representation of the People Act 1983.

The offending statement occurred 17 minutes and 11 seconds into the broadcast. Here is the relevant excerpt, starting a few seconds into the clip:

As the statement did not provide an answer to the gentleman’s question, and appeared to be opportunistically “crowbarred in”, we believe this incident to be premeditated and by the very nature of its content, designed to adversely impact upon the electoral prospects of the Labour Party and by extension all its candidates for the forthcoming general election.


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