Attack our grans AND babies? #ToryManifesto is #stupidestsuicidenote in history


Leaks of the Tory manifesto, which is set to be published tomorrow, indicate that Theresa May and her party are about to let their hubris persuade them to take a step of almost unimaginable political stupidity.

The Tories have long counted pensioners as a key constituency – older people vote and by appealing to selfish instincts by protecting pensions and other key pensioner benefits, the Conservatives have, for a long time, persuaded too many of the elderly to vote for them.

Similarly, the Tories have promoted the lie that austerity is necessary so that we don’t ‘burden our children with debt’ – a lie that has survived the Tories incompetence in running up more debt since 2010 than every Labour government in history combined only with the assistance of shameless lies from the Establishment media.

In doing this, they’ve fooled some parents into supporting measures that have damaged our economy…

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