Woman was too scared to leave job centre during a heart attack as she feared being sanctioned

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Salena Hannah (Photo: Adam Sorenson)

A woman who suffered a heart attack during a job centre in-work progression interviewhas said she was too scared to get up and leave to get medical help as she was afraid of ­losing her benefits. Salena Hannah, who was working part-time, says that she had the attack during her appointment, but was ignored by the “callous” job centre interviewer.

The government’s Universal Credit legislation has enshrined the principle that working people in receipt of in-work benefits may face benefits sanctions if they are deemed not to be trying hard enough to find higher-paid work. It’s not as if the Conservatives have ever valued legitimate collective wage bargaining. In fact theirlegislative track recordconsistentlydemonstrates that they hate it,prioritising the authority of the state above all else.

Salena explained: “I had been suffering with chest pains for about two weeks and took a couple of…

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