SKWAWKBOX software funding appeal

Always glad to share what little I have my friend.
You’re doing us and the Labour Party an amazing service getting our messages out and dispelling Tory lies.
I think Labour should help your blog out too, it may be an idea for them to donate to your and other pro Labour blogs in order to counteract the Right Wing MSM attempts to shut Labour down!


The SKWAWKBOX runs on coffee, sleep-deprivation and the support of its readers, for which we’re deeply thankful.

With the increased edia and public interest the blog is continuing to attract (on which more shortly), we want to make the most of the opportunity to get the word out. So in order to enhance the quality of the articles the SKWAWKBOX can bring you, we’ve invested in some new software for audio and video editing – particularly useful, such as in the last article published, for creating clips that are hard to find without listening through long sections of less relevant material.

software.pngThe SKWAWKBOX is a labour of love and passion, so we’ve made this investment without covering the cost in advance, but if you’d like – and are able – to chip in a pound or a few to help cover that cost and others, such as the premium package…

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