Corbyn’s “#ourNHS investment” speech to skewer Tories on neglect and waste #GE17 #RCN17


ournhsAt 10.30am this morning, Jeremy Corbyn will give a speech to the Royal College of Nurses Conference in Liverpool on NHS funding – or, more precisely, on investing in #OurNHS.

Some key points:

  • it’s only when we come together as a society to look after each other that no-one gets left without care.
  • investing in the NHS is sound financial sense – there is a £4 return for every £1 invested in public healthcare. (source: World Health Organisation)
  • just administering a ‘market’ in the NHS costs at least £4.5bn a year more than not running one (source: CHPI [small ‘c’] conservative estimate). Labour will scrap this *real* waste.
  • we – the ‘ordinary’ people – can’t afford not to have an NHS – a fully public NHS.
  • cutting healthcare spending does not “save money for the taxpayer” – it denies healthcare to the patient.
  • cutting our public healthcare benefits only one…

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